Wheels and Travels | A Gem of a Road (Germany)
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A Gem of a Road (Germany)

I find myself heading south from Kaiserslautern lately, and I always look forward to it. Eventually I’ll have to get on the Autobahn, but I always start my trips south right- L503 and Yellow 48.

Yellow 48 (or ‘B48’ to you elitist cartographers) doesn’t really have a great claim to fame to people outside the Rhineland Pfals area, but you’ll always find motorcycles and sports cars taking the turns and curves any day of the week. You start in Kaiserslautern, at the base of the mountain near the university. As you head south, the buildings become more and more scarce, and the higher you go, the more turns you’ll encounter.

L503 will merge into Yellow 48, and you’ll make your way past Cafe Nicklis, a popular stop for riders enjoying the pass. You’ll make your way down the mountain, the curves becoming more and more straight until you arrive at Yellow ten.

A short ride, around 30 kilometers. But it’s just short enough to turn around, and do it again for a quick Sunday ride.