Wheels and Travels | Tucson, AZ
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Tucson, AZ

My father told me on numerous occasions ‘If you’re ever in Tucson, you have to stop by El Guero Canelo’s and get a Sonora Dog. I’d fly to Tucson just for a hotdog, it’s worth the airfare.’ So dehydrated and sunburnt, i headed to El Guero Canelo’s.


The first think you notice is that most of the people there are, well, not really tourists. The second thing is that you’re speaking the wrong language. And the third? Well, you wonder what exactly to order. But since the Sonora Dog was recommended, and I’m a sucker for Horchata, thats what I went with. The buns are made on site, and taste like nothing you’d find in a grocery store. Light as a croissant, but full of taste. The Hot dog was wrapped in bacon, but in order to eat it, you needed to go through diced tomatoes, onions, and light dressing, which buries the bacon wrapped hot dog and homemade bun. All the ingredients by themselves are fresh and delicious, but the combination makes it, well, in the words of my father ‘worth the airfare.’